Institutional Programs

About Institutional Programs

National Institute of Skill Enhancement (NISE) is introducing education system in India in association with NSDC. Skill Training programme focusing on skills and job specific, rather than providing a broad and varied education. NISE introduces Skill training programmes for various iniatives starting from Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics & Supply Chain,Tourism and Hospitality,Beautycare,Security and Accounting etc.

Work integrated institutional program, where students learn the skill by on-the-job training at real shop floor of the industry/company/Hospitals.  The work integrated institutional program we have introduced the concept of Institute and Skill Training provider wherein Institute will provide classroom based training and Skill Training provider (Hospitals/industries/companies) that provide on the job training through internship. Students will be placed in the SKP for on the job training (Internship) and classroom theoretical training will be given by the institute.

What difference from current education system?

  • The main difference is that this work integrated institutional model does not emphasize on the theory alone but it is primarily based on the shop floor practices of the industry/company/Hospitals by means of internship.
  • Skill Training and education which focus on a specific skill rather than general skill knowledge.
  • Career Progression is ensured in this stream – Foundation course, certificate, diploma and Degree courses are offered in each initiative. Even a school dropout can precede his vocational studies till degree through vocational stream.
  • The main difference is that this education model is not only based on the theory but also assured on job trainingat the shop floor of the industry/company.
  • The students will be given classroom theory up to 30% and on the job training (Internship)up to 70% of the course duration.
  • At the end of the course students will be awarded diploma jointly by NISE and NSDC, and skill certificate from the industry where the students has done the on the job training.
  • Most of the education programmes want their students to have high school or specific eligibility to enter into the courses. NISE Skill training courses based on the aptitude of candidate to enter into the foundation courses and students can continue their vocational education to degree. This will help a school dropout to continue their studies in specific skill and complete degree.
  • The main advantages of the NISE programme is multiple entry and exit system provided for the courses. Students can exit after completing a level and can join back after taking a break for working or other purpose. NISE will award level certificate on successful completion of each level and SKP will provide skill certificate along with NISE. Diploma certificate will be awarded jointly by NISE and NSDC.