Objectives and Core values


  • “To be able transform lives of millions in the coming years”
  • “Enabling better employment prospects by integrating traditional and technology-driven methodologies of teaching ”
  • “To make high quality skill education accessible, to the people across the nation”

Our Values

  • The central theme is to bring the unprivileged and underprivileged youth to NISE and to imbibe in them the quality required to develop their learning process, skill, aptitude and work ethics.
  • Providing care for the typical trainee who hails from a rural background, guiding him or her to navigate the complex world of work - shall be the core offering of our value system
  • Service, pro-activeness and passivity in the Institutional sense are the values for governance and not leadership in the Corporate and management sense.
  • Appreciation of differential skills and capabilities and promote customized vocational training.
  • The final produce will be the selection of the candidate for a career fitting the aptitude.